Embroidered Workwear - (Online Purchase Unavailable - Quote Only)

Embroidered Workwear - (Online Purchase Unavailable - Quote Only)

Embroidered - Work Wear– Quote Only

Our work wear embroidery service covers a wide range of products including polo shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets. Polo shirts are extremely popular for embroidered work wear.


The product is long lasting, easy to wash and combined with an embroidered logo looks extremely smart. When it comes to embroidery, especially embroidery pricing, you may have heard the phrase "stitch count," but not been completely sure what that was referring to in this context. An embroidery stitch count is used as one of the major determining factors for pricing of an embroidered design. The higher the Stitch Count the higher the cost. The size and thickness of a design affect its stitch count. As a point of reference, one solid square inch of embroidery equals approximately 2,000 stitches on average.


Since the stitch count typically increases drastically depending on the size of the design it is for this reason that the size of the design being embroidered plays such a large role in its price. However, it is that stitch count itself which matters and not all equally sized designs will have equal stitch counts. The reason for this is that some designs incorporate more open area or more thinly sized lettering and graphics than others. The simplest way to think about this is to imagine two equally sized boxes. A hollow box that is just a border with the shirt coming through inside the box is going to have many fewer stitches than a completely filled in box with no open spaces. By the same token a hollow box with a thin border around it is going to be fewer stitches than a hollow box with a thick border.

We ship our embroidered work wear world-wide but mainly focus our efforts on the UK including Derbyshire, Alfreton, Chesterfield, Ripley, Nottingham, and more.

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